About us

Solum Forlag was founded in 1974 and publishes both Norwegian language authors and translated literature. Our website offers a comprehensive backlist of both well-loved titles and hard to find originals dating back more than thirty years.

Samuel Beckett  ... Vizma Belsevica  ... Elias Canetti  ... Fyodor Dostoyevsky  ... William Faulkner  ... James Joyce  ... Robert Musil  ... Fernando Pessoa  ... Leo Tolstoy  ... Anton Chekhov  ... Oscar Wilde  ... these are just a few names of authors that have been published at Solum Forlag.

Solum Forlag has also published a series of Nobel-prize winning poets: Joseph Brodsky  (1987), Derek Walcott  (1992), Seamus Heaney  (1995) and Wislawa Szymborska  (1996).

High-quality literary translation has always been very important to Solum Forlag. We offer titles from more than forty languages, with a particular focus on Slavic and Spanish-language authors. Solum Forlag is the leading publisher of Russian language translations on the Norwegian market. By now we have created a small Russian library. We also have published a long list of Norwegian poetry, drama and literary prose.

Solum Forlag also has a department of books for those – both adults and children – with learning disabilities or special needs that affect their ability to read. In recent years Solum Forlag has also focused on educational publications in languages that are of importance and relevance to contemporary Norwegian society. We have published language learning methods for Somalian, Turkish and Urdu. In addition we have published, and continue to publish, language learning methods for Southern Sami as a first and second language.

Solum Forlag is also one of the country's leading academic publishing houses. Theses and academic works in many different languages constitute a large section of our releases. Many of these titles are distributed internationally through partners in Europe and the USA.

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