A Doll's House

Forfatter: Henrik Ibsen
Oversetter: Joan Tindal

When David Thacker was to direct A Doll's House for BBC Television, he advised the BBC to commission a new translation by a bilingual translator with practical experience in theatre work. The result is this translation by Joan Tindal, which, in the book "Ibsen Translated", was characterized as being "the best of the existing English versions of Et Dukkehjem".

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Agro Pontino - Urbanism and regional development in Lazio

Forfatter: Helga Stave Tvinnereim

The former malaria-infested Pontine swamps in Lazio, south of Rome, had been almost deserted for centuries when Benito Mussolini in 1928 by law decided to drain and cultivate this fertile soil. Today this is a prosperous area with a growing population. Prof. Helga Stave Tvinnereim at the Faculty of Arts at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) in Trodheim, Norway, shows in this book how Agro Pontino was realised.

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Cultural Discontinuity and Reconstruction

Redaktør: Jostein Børtnes
Ingunn Lunde

This is a study of the Byzanto-Slav heritage and the creation of a Russian national literature in the nineteenth century. Several specialists in the field have added their contributions and the collection of texts has been compiled and edited by Jostein Børtnes and Ingunn Lunde.

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Major Rosenbaum's daughter

Forfatter: Robert Hornemann

A thrilling story, taking place in a unique historical setting: Germany during the Nazi years. Sofia is a young and wealthy aristocrate. She marries the idealistic psychiatrist von Blümke, who dedicates himself to the collective paranoia of society. When her husband and father participate in a coup against Hitler, Sofia's fate is sealed ...

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Marx on Alienation

Forfatter: Nasir Khan

This book makes a significant contribution to understand a central and continuing problem of modern man and his world through the perspective of Marx, the great advocate and philosopher of human fulfillment and freedom. The old concept of alienation is given new meanings and content in Marx, and Dr Khan's analysis aims at noting the progressive transformation of Marx's ideas regarding alienation up till 1844.

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Palatable Worlds

Forfatter: Elisabeth L. etc. Furst

This anthology contains presentations given at the symposium "Food, Symbols and Everyday-life" arranged in Denmark in September 1990. The study of food and eating involves many perspectives: sociological, anthropological, psychological as well as ethnological, historical and other perspectives in the field of the humanities.

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Race, Color and Partial Blindness

Forfatter: Ole O. Moen

This book offers a broad analysis of the concept of affirmitive action, from the first mention of the term under the New Deal to its uncertain status in the late summer of the year 2001. Its main emphasis is on the period 1961-1995, demarcated by President Kennedy's Executive Order 10925 (1961) and the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Adarand v. Pena (1995).

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Reference and Intentionality

Forfatter: Olav Asheim

This book is a contribution to the debate on the problem of reference and singular terms within language philosophy. It is an original comment both towards semantic theory and to the study of intentionality.

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Scenes of Infidelity

Forfatter: Randi Koppen

"Scenes of Infidelity: Feminism in the Theatre" is a critical revision of questions in feminist theory of the theatre, based on readings of texts by three writers who in different ways inform and challenge prevalent ideas of feminism as a mode of knowledge and as dramatic strategy: American writers Maria Irene Fornes and Adrienne Kennedy, and the British writer Caryl Churchill. The study also opens up to reflections of a more general nature, pertaining to avant-garde practice, to problems of spectatorship, and to the relationship between politics and aesthetics.

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Society and Economy - Models of Social Man

Forfatter: Per Otnes

This book confronts a major institution of recent decades - neo-liberalism and its exaggerated pro-market views. It examines two of its Game Theory models: "The Prisoner's Dilemma" and "The Tragedy of the Commons". Both are shown to be basically unstable; they may change into several quite distinct games at any phase. Market economics has a base in Game Theory much in the same way as mathematics in formal logic. A comparative succes in mathematics, less so in economics, for a huge superstructure over an unstable base is not a comfortable position.

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Syndicalism, Fascism and Post-Fasism in Italy 1900-1950

Forfatter: Ottar Dahl

The theme of this study is the interrelation between syndicalism and fascism in Italy during the first half of our century, as an important element in the ideological configuration of Italian fascism through the tiem of the Regime and the Social Republic, reappearing in post-fascism after the Second World War. The study is based on a wealth of contemporary published material and to some extent also on archival sources.

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The Forme of Faustus Fortunes

Forfatter: Roy T. Eriksen

A study of the Tragedie of Doctor Faustus (1616). This study looks into some of the problems arising from one of the most complex of Elisabethan tragedies: Marlowe's Doctor Faustus.

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Visions of Glory - Studies in Early Russian Hagiography

Forfatter: Jostein Børtnes

This book is about hagioraphical patterns and their transformations. It is concerned with the ways in which writers of saints' Lives in Kievan Rus' and in Muscovite Russia took over the prototypes inherited from early Christian and Byzantine literature, adapting them to their own historical context.

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Wittgenstein and Norway

Forfatter: Kjell S. Johannessen

The two Norwegian researchers Knut Olav Åmås and Rolf Larsen describe the circumstances connected with each of Wittgenstein's visits to Norway. They succeed in exploding several myths surrounding Wittgenstein's reasons for making them and present a detailed and well documented picture of his actual activities and relationships in Skjolden. Other authors in this book investigate further aspects of Wittgenstien's relationship with Norway, reflecting on what Norway did for Wittgenstein, and what Wittgenstein did for Norway.

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Dostoevsky & his New Testament

Forfatter: Geir Kjetsaa

"Dostoevsky & his New Testament" accounts for the significance of the Gospel for the author. Right at the end of his New Testament Dostoevsky marked the following words from the Revelation: "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end" (XXII, 13). The same could be said of this "eternal book" that followed the writer from the cradle to the grave and which became a formative influence in his writing.

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Grassroots resistance

Forfatter: Edmund Edvardsen
Oversetter: Harald Jensen and Ellen Marie Jensen

School resistance will normally – of school authorities – be seen as an expression of irrationality, as irrational actions taken of people not able to take care of themselves.

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